Maddie ‘revelations’: Portuguese police “shocked” by German cops “failure to conduct serious investigation”

After all the press razzmatazz, Portuguese police are reported to have accused German cops who claim they ‘know’ who killed Madeleine McCann of ‘failing to conduct a serious investigation’. 

Prosecutor Hans Christian Wolters stunned the world in June with revelations that BKA detectives in Germany were convinced they had their man (click here)

But UK tabloids have now reported that Portuguese police have been shocked by the low-level of the German investigation.

Says the Daily Mail, a leaked copy of a memo shown to the Sun newspaper showing that Portuguese detectives believe the Germans have no evidence at all ‘just speculation’.

Said one officer: ‘When reading the German case I was shocked. I never thought that the BKA would investigate so badly…”

The story simply confirms speculation both in Portugal and abroad that prosecutor Wolter’s bizarre press interviews were just another kink in a wild and inexplicable meandering road (click here).

The lawyer defending this latest ‘principal suspect’ has been saying from the outset that there is no evidence to back-up any of the claims (click here).

According to the Mail – and indeed the Sun – German police met with counterparts in Portugal because the BKA wanted to probe two cases of ‘possible sexual harassment’ against their suspect, career criminal, convicted pedophile/ rapist Christian Brückner.

Portuguese detectives were expecting to hear evidence. But what they concluded was that the German ‘investigation’ was neither serious nor objective. It was, said the memo, “just to keep the suspect in prison at all costs”. 

Again, this tallies very much with the opinion of Mr Bruckner’s lawyer Friedrich Fülscher.

Hans Christian Wolters meantime is quoted as still believing the Germans are “one witness away” from getting the evidence they need, it is simply that no-one is coming forward.

Revisiting some of his comments, the Mail describes Madeleine’s parents Kate and Gerry McCann as finding the situation ‘heartbreaking’.

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