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Macau businessmen seek opportunities in Portugal

A group of 17 young businessmen from Macau have travelled to Portugal to seek “business opportunities”.

The trip includes members of two youth associations in China’s special regional administration (AJM and AJEM) and ends on Sunday (September 18).

“The investment and business opportunities that interest us are in the health, food, wine and canned goods industries,” AJM president Jorge Valente told Macau newspaper Ponto Final.

He added that the businessmen are also interested in “technologically-developed companies” and that their goal is to establish opportunities for both Portuguese and Macanese companies.

Their trip will include stops in Porto, Coimbra and Lisbon. Valente justified the decision to skip the south of Portugal by saying tourism is not the sector they are most interested in.

They will also meet with representatives from Portuguese bank BCP to learn more about some of the “investment opportunities available in Portugal”.

The tour of Portugal started at around the same time Macau’s premier Chui Sai On travelled here. So far, he has met with two of the country’s top officials to discuss how Portugal and Macau can improve cooperation.

On Monday, Macau’s Chief Executive met with Prime Minister António Costa to discuss the “economic, technological and scientific cooperation” between Portugal and Macau.

He also met with Portugal’s Foreign Affairs Minister, and reinforced his commitment to bolster Macau’s offer of Portuguese language classes.

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