Macário Correia clears his desk

In a message to Faro residents this week, Mayor Macário Correia informed that from July 2 he would no longer be available at the city hall building. Last week he announced that he was temporarily suspending his mandate while awaiting the results of the appeal he presented to the Supreme Administrative Court (see last week’s edition).

He said: “I was chosen by you to be your Mayor. However, I felt it important to suspend my mandate for a few days or longer, I don’t know. One day I will clarify this undesirable situation in detail.”

The social democrat was convicted last year for violating regional and municipal land planning and management guidelines during his mandate as Mayor of Tavira between 2005 and 2009. Despite the court judgement ordering the loss of his mandate in June 2012, Correia has stayed in charge of Faro Câmara until now.

Taking his place is Deputy Mayor Rogério Bacalhau, a maths professor who joined Faro Câmara in 2009.

Correia added, however, that he was contactable by email at [email protected]