Macário Correia back in office

Macário Correia has resumed his role as president of Faro municipal authority due to the positive outcome of his appeal against the conviction which, nevertheless, is still threatening his current term in office.

He had been awaiting the results of the appeal he presented to the Supreme Administrative Court earlier in June and since then had been away from his post. Macário Correia accepted his suspension of his own free-will last month until the outcome of his request was clear.

The situation began following his conviction last year for violating regional and municipal land planning and management guidelines during his mandate as Mayor of Tavira, between 2005 and 2009.

Now, despite the ongoing process regarding his conviction, the fact that his appeal was successful was crucial in his decision to resume his job, in which he says he will continue to work towards the future of the municipality.

Rogério Bacalhau, who had taken over the mayoral position while Correia was away from his desk, is now back in his previous role as deputy mayor. He is also a candidate for the presidency of Faro Câmara in this year’s local elections.