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Ma Maison naturally

TIMELESS AND natural are two perfect words to define Ma Maison, a house décor shop that Sandra Breuseker opened in Lagoa just two years ago.

Born in Holland, Sandra has been living in Portugal for the last 12 years, but only recently she decided to invest in her own business.

Her long-held passion for design and interior decoration made all the difference when the moment came to choose the nature of that business. Two years on, Ma Maison is “progressing” and reaching break-even point. ”I first started with a small shop and 18 months later we had to move to this bigger shop,” said Sandra, adding that the rooms are always changing and adapting to what clients are looking for.

The Provence Country Style is dominant in many of Ma Maison products, but Sandra is now proposing some driftwood inspired designs, with art, tables and even lamps built from this type of material.

The option for natural products is also reflected in the textile sector, where cotton and linen are the fabrics exclusively used in sofas, curtains, pillows and other smaller elements of decoration.

Sandra regularly goes to fairs and shows to enlarge her contacts list and check on trends, but she prefers to make her own research for new suppliers.  She is now preparing for the winter, with a stronger presence of fabrics in the shop’s showroom. “I want more sofas and more curtains”, she said, explaining that the clients look more for this kind of product at this time of the year.

Ma Maison is based in Lagoa just opposite the main entrance of Fatacil. The shop opens from 10am to 6pm, from Monday to Friday and on Saturdays by appointment. To contact Ma Maison, please call Sandra at 282 381 468 or 961 621 549.