Lynn home repossessed

The High Court in Dublin has granted an order for the possession of a property in Ireland owned by rogue solicitor Michael Lynn.

The repossession order of the holiday home in Red Barn, County Cork, Ireland was requested by the Bank of Scotland in Ireland because no repayments have been made on the property since July 2007.

 The total loan amount that was outstanding before the court made the decisions was 827,261 euros.

The court was told that the bank had tried to issue a special summons to Michael Lynn at an address in Sandymount, Dublin, and by placing advertisements in newspaper publications in Ireland, England and the Algarve.  The judge, Mr Justice Murphy granted a possession order to Bank of Scotland with a stay of one month.

Michael Lynn, who has estimated liabilities of more than 80 million euros to various financial institutions and others, did not attend the court for the ruling on June 22.

He was struck off as a solicitor in 2008 and ordered to pay two million euros in fines to the law society as well as being found guilty of 57 different charges of misconduct.