Luzdoc opens new clinic in Lagos

Luzdoc International Medical Service has opened a new clinic in Lagos offering the town an alternative for a “wide range of medical services”.
Medilagos is the group’s second clinic in the borough of Lagos, alongside the Luzdoc flagship in Praia da Luz.
Speaking to the Resident, Luzdoc founder Dr Maria Alice explained why she decided to open a second clinic in Lagos.
“Our market in Luz is very limited,” she told us. “In Lagos, we are closer to the Portuguese population, which needs another alternative for health, especially considering the current state of the national health services (SNS)”.
Services at the new clinic include general family medicine, medical specialities, onsite complementary diagnostic tests, emergencies, aesthetic medicine and more.
The clinic is located Rua José Ferreira Canelas, near the town hall and social services department.
It is open between 9am and 7pm on weekdays and between 9am and 2pm on Saturdays.
282 788 217