LUZA brings interactive light art to Faro this week

LUZA brings interactive light art to Faro this week

For two years, LUZA combined technology and interactivity to create works of art using light in Loulé. The third edition of this light art festival has now moved to the Algarve capital, Faro, where it is taking place between Thursday, November 14 and Saturday, November 16.

“Loulé was very good, but this year we had the opportunity to hold LUZA in a town with more challenges. The festival now has the possibility to show itself to more people. Faro has incredible buildings in terms of lighting and many opportunities,” the artistic director of the festival, Beau McClellan, told reporters at the event’s official presentation on October 29 at Faro’s old beer factory (Fábrica da Cerveja).

The change is going to bring a “new vision” to the concept of the festival.

“Some of the displays might be the same, but just the fact that they will be someplace different will create a different impact,” he explained.

McClellan also said that many changes have been made and that specific artists were approached to work in specific areas and buildings.

One of the novelties this year is that the old beer factory will become the festival’s party hub, where DJ A Elliot will keep people dancing on Friday and Saturday from the start of the party at 11pm to 4am.

This kind of party was a dream for McClellan, but one “hard to pursue” in Loulé.

“As my life has always been about music and light, I think after-parties are essential,” he said.

Making people feel like they can interact with the light art displays was one of the main goals for this year’s event.

“We wanted to invest in this because, as we witnessed from past events, people like to be part of the art. We all have an artist inside us and when we make that connection easier, people love it. For example, having the opportunity to make a certain movement and see its effect through light or projected on a building is something incredible.

“In other words, it is important to give people an opportunity to be part of it all; it makes them talk to each other, creates good energy and attracts more people to the festival,” the artist explained.

LUZA will feature a variety of light art exhibitions, video mappinp, sculptures, holograms, musical performances, choreographies and much more created by dozens of artists from 12 countries.

There will also be workshops and conferences, one of which is called ‘Working with Light’, which will be held on Saturday at 3.30pm at the beer factory. One of the guests will be actor British actor Mark Killeen, who has starred in major films and TV shows such as “The Dark Knight Rises” and “Game of Thrones”.

Original article written by Maria Simiris for Barlavento newspaper.


LUZA brings interactive light art to Faro this week

LUZA brings interactive light art to Faro this week