Luxury properties without drainage

Angry residents of a development in Alenquer near Lisbon are still waiting to be linked up with the area’s drainage system and are accusing the government of hindering the progress.

The Alenquer Câmara approved licences for the construction of three and four bedroom houses without the appropriate infrastructure in place.

The waste from the area is being discarded in an open ditch and the smells have caused uproar.

The president of the parish council, Vitor Ronca, believes that this problem has had a detrimental effect on the area because the land is unsuitable for agricultural development and the construction of a new airport in Ota has been deferred.

Álvaro Pedro, the president of the Alenquer Câmara, has responded to criticism by assuring the community that construction has begun on linking the affected area to the main sewage system and the matter will soon be resolved.