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Luxury chocolate gifts made in the Algarve

If you’re crazy about chocolate, then this Easter you’ll love the delicious selection of handmade eggs and chocolate confections for all the family from professional chocolatier, Jack Breedveld, who is donating three chocolate rabbits for the Algarve Resident’s Easter competition.

“So many different and wonderful chocolate confections can be made around Easter. There is a feeling of spring awakening as I get busy in my kitchen,” he said. “I make many different types of eggs and rabbits, all shapes, sizes and colours.”

There are many different types of chocolate, from different countries and regions, which can also be blended to provide a diverse range of flavours.

Jack uses Belgian chocolate for his confections, as well as German and Austrian butter for bonbons, which are all imported directly.

Having started his career working as an apprentice pastry chef at the age of 14, Jack Breedveld qualified at the age of 20, before deciding to branch out into the world of chocolate making.

“My love of pastry and chocolate began very early when I visited the baking factory where my father worked,” said Jack. “When I qualified as a patissier at 20, I went to study in Luxembourg, Switzerland and France, where they make the finest chocolate in the world.”

After this, Jack worked in shops and hotels before opening his own shop in Holland at the age of 30 where he specialised in Dutch apple pie, cakes, bonbons and truffles.

 “My shop became so popular that members of the Dutch Royal Family began to buy my confections and I was awarded a Royal warrant, after many inspections of course.”

Quality chocolate

In 2000, Jack moved to Portugal, having visited the Algarve twice with friends and deciding that the region had very little in terms of good quality chocolate and pastries.

“I felt I had something to offer because the choice is so boring here and the chocolate is not very good quality,” he said.

Recently, Jack has been sharing his passion for chocolate and professional knowledge through workshops.

“I carry out workshops for chocolate making and marzipan sculpting at a hotel in Sagres but can also do them at my home or in a client’s house.

“It is a great way to spend time with friends, people are always happy when they are working with chocolate.”

Whatever the occasion, whatever the season, Jack Breedveld can make chocolate dreams come true.

For more information about his confections, please email [email protected] or telephone 939 792 911.