Lusíadas Saúde private health group joins battle against coronavirus

Private health group Lusíadas Saúde is joining the national battle against the coronavirus outbreak.

In a statement to the press, the group announced plans to set aside 231 beds and 54 ventilators at its Lusíadas Hospital in Albufeira, Santo António Clinic in Amadora and part of its Lusíadas Hospital in Porto for the treatment of infected patients.

The goal is to help the national health service (SNS) deal with the growing number of coronavirus cases in Portugal.

“We are already working with the respective units to set up this operation and we are available to carry out this plan as quickly as possible,” said the group’s CEO Vasco Antunes Pereira.

“In a situation that has never before been experienced, we were asked to actively contribute to the national efforts which aim to reduce as much as possible the impact of this crisis on our society.”

The group’s remaining hospitals and clinics will continue to provide their usual health services and will immediately transfer any potential or confirmed cases of Covid-19 infection to the three above-mentioned units.

However, all non-urgent appointments and procedures are expected to be cancelled and replaced, when needed, with a home appointment or telehealth appointment.

Lusíada Saúde also announced that it will be offering its health professionals an additional €1 million to award them for their efforts during the pandemic.

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