Lunch on the beach for the Chaîne des Rotisseurs

Members of the Chaîne des Rôtisseurs met last Saturday for a relaxed lunch at the recently reopened restaurant Arte Náutica, one of Vila Vita’s restaurants on the beach of Armação de Pera.

Although the beach was very quiet, it was nice to see restaurants reopening and life returning slowly to some normality. The weather was perfect and, as could be expected from a restaurant of this class, so were the food and service.

After a quick swim in the sea for the bravest and youngest, a glass of espumante Soalheiro Bruto (a sparkling Alvarinho) on the terrace started the lunch very pleasantly before sitting at the table for a delicious selection of seafood starters: cockle dumplings, fresh oysters, octopus skewers with chorizo, baby squids with garlic, wine and coriander, served with a white wine from Vila Vita’s Herdade dos Grous near Beja.

For the main course, grilled fresh fish straight from Sagres market; the day’s catches were sea bass and sea bream so we were given a filet of each fish with potatoes “à murro” and a local salad, and the white “Reserva” from Herdade dos Grous was a perfect match for the delicate dish.

We finished the lunch with a fantastic crème brûlée with a mandarine sorbet and a glass of White Port Reserva from Rozès, another winning combination.

A perfect lunch on the beach, with the usual conviviality and gastronomy which are the aims of the Chaîne des Rôtisseurs.

Dr. Jean Ferran, Bailli Provincial do Sul do Tejo

282 912 822 | [email protected]