Lunch for OAPs and the homeless

news: Lunch for OAPs and the homeless

OVER a three-day period, Lisbon Câmara opened the doors of the Congress to the homeless and elderly people of Lisbon to present a new municipal plan for drug prevention and awareness in the city.

The plan includes many references to family values in its efforts to educate people about the risks of becoming homeless. Lisbon Câmara President, António Carmona Rodrigues, was given a standing ovation when he visited the Christmas celebrations and local University students provided the background music for the event.

Many people were thanked for their work in putting the plan together into a comprehensible book, including Maria João Lobo de Carvalho, the author. The presentation of the book was followed by an afternoon of entertainment, presented by the actor Ricardo Carriço with the music provided by Luís Dams, João Peter Parents, Tito Paris, Warlike Kátia, Lucinda Gouveia and Du’Arte. During the three days, Lisbon Câmara served lunch to 8,000 pensioners and homeless people. Bob Hughes