Lukewarm flight announcements

IRISH AIRLINE Ryanair has announced that its Faro-Barcelona route will be cancelled as of May 7, just over two months after it was first launched.

The decision allegedly came as a surprise to the staff at Faro airport, which asked Ryanair for a meeting to discuss keeping the route. At the end of March, the flight times changed to a more suitable hour and this generated more interest. There was every indication that the route could become a success but many believe that Ryanair did not give it enough of a chance to develop.

As compensation, Ryanair announced the launch of four weekly flights from Faro to Frankfurt, Germany, from May 7. The flights will operate every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday morning.

Algarve Tourism Association President, Daniel Queirós, said that he was disappointed that the Barcelona route would be made obsolete but added that the Faro-Frankfurt route was good news, at a time when the German market is registering significant growth in the Algarve.

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