Lowest number of new infections in six weeks: is Portugal turning the corner?

Today’s virus ‘update’ has come in with the lowest number of new infections registered in the last six weeks.

With focus nationally on the enormous promise of 22 million doses of vaccine on their way to Portugal starting from January, health authority ‘news’ is heartening.

New infections came in over the last 24-hours at just 2, 401 – while the number of recoveries in the same period was an impressive 7,935.

The marked difference has meant that the number of active infections in Portugal has at last dropped well below the 80,000 mark – where it has been hovering for weeks – to 75, 008.

Hospital beds taken up by Covid patients are also down by 67, while there are marginally less in ICUs (521).

This latter point cannot be too much cause for ‘joy’ as it may have been prompted by death.

The last 24-hour period has registered 72 Covid deaths, the majority of them (43) in the north.

Deaths in the central region were next highest (13), followed by Lisbon/ Vale do Tejo (11). Alentejo (3) and Algarve (2).

But the overwhelming ‘message’ today as €3 billion in European aid arrives to help businesses hold onto their workforces is that the situation across a country that is totally ‘confined’ to its home boroughs until early tomorrow morning – and will go back into strict borough confinement on Friday night for another four days – is that ‘something must be working’. Numbers are looking suddenly much better.

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