Lowest number of Covid deaths in Portugal for last week

Sunday’s numbers have come through with ‘ups and downs’ for Portugal – the most positive aspect being the lowest Covid-19 death count in the last week.

Case numbers at 4,093 put the active number of cases up by 770 new cases – but recoveries are continuing apace (+3,259).

Hospital admissions have spiked again however (+90) with the number of patients being treated in ICUs is again at the highest rate experienced during the pandemic (now running at 536).

The north continues to lead the increase in new infections (+2,490), followed by Lisbon/ Vale do Tejo (+979), the central region (+444), Alentejo (+84),  Algarve (+49), Azores (+37) and Madeira (+10).

Reporting on the deaths, Rádio Renascença confirms that the majority occurred in patients over the age of 70 (11) and 80 (44). One death was registered in the 40-49 year age bracket; three in patients aged between 50-59, and five in patients aged between 60-69.

There is no information on any ‘comorbidities’ that the people who died may have been suffering from.