Low cost airline in city

LISBON residents could soon be enjoying cheaper airfares to the UK. Airport management company, ANA and the Lisbon Tourist Board are currently in negotiations with low cost airline company, easyJet, over whether the company can offer flights from London to Lisbon. “We will come to a decision at the end of the month,” said the Director of the Lisbon Tourist Board, Vítor Costa. “We are currently studying how allowing easyJet into our airport would affect the passenger flow, but it is quite obvious that the airport is big enough to receive more travellers,” he commented, adding: “It is obvious that these low cost operators are an important instrument for boosting tourism.”

EasyJet Marketing Director, Cristina Bernabé, is excited by the plan to offer Lisbon as a destination. “It is a big airport with a huge potential for growth in terms of passengers, flights and routes,” she said.

Last year, easyJet transported 20 million passengers across Europe. The company already operates flights to Faro in the Algarve. “There is a big market out there to attract more travellers to Portugal,” Bernabé explained.