Lucy Lugs (2)

Love beyond rescue: Lucy Lugs … oh, those ears!

We first found Cacela Dog Haven through social media in the summer of 2020. My husband and I had been trying to rescue a dog in the UK for several months, but the process was so restrictive that when my parents who live in the Algarve suggested rescuing from Portugal, we quickly came across Cacela through some research.

From the offset, their approach was friendly, inviting and pragmatic. The Haven took time to get to know us and our routines and we determined that a puppy would be the best choice for us. They sent over details of the dogs that they thought would suit us, and we immediately fell in love with our baby, Lucy Lugs (known as this due to her huge Podengo ears!).

Sharron and Treve made the process so easy and much less daunting than I expected – they booked the transport and arranged all of her vaccinations as well as keeping us up to date with photos and videos of Lucy’s progress.

The transport company that we used were brilliant; we were kept up to date with location and estimated times of arrival, and she arrived happy and well fed. Lucy is a delight.

Lucy Lugs

She was exactly as described and brings so much joy to our lives. We found the entire experience so positive that, at the end of 2020, I became an Ambassador for Cacela Dog Haven. This involves finding suitable homes and offering support to adopters, whether that be meeting them with transport or helping with settling them in or ongoing training support.

It has become a bit of a joke that we have a Portuguese dog village in Suffolk; so far, we have over 25 dogs in the local area and we continue to grow as more and more people have positive experiences and want to rescue rather than buy.

Cacela Dog Haven has a real home from home feeling about it; every dog is treated as an individual, they’re walked and socialised and the support and training they offer each dog in order to ensure it is ready to be rehomed is incredible. I encourage anyone who is thinking about owning a dog to consider rescuing; the rewards you get are endless, and there is nothing quite like the love and trust of a rescue dog.

To find out more information about Cacela Dog Haven in Vila Nova de Cacela, call 926 767 544, email [email protected] or see their Facebook page: Cacela Dog Haven


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