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Love Beyond Rescue: Lucky, the heart stealer

Every day in the shelter is busy. The day when Lucky was brought was even more than usually. Lots of people, lots of dogs, lots of noise. And then someone brought this little doggy, with back legs twisted and shivering of fear. He just hid in a corner and did not move for the whole day.

We found out that since a puppy he was kept on a small balcony and never walked. He was probably born with a problem on his legs but, as he never walked, he never had a chance to exercise them and improve.

Lucky soon gained confidence and revealed himself to be extremely sweet with people. Shortly, he won the hearts of all volunteers. But he had a problem – he did not like other dogs. When he was on the leash, he turned into a little monster. People want perfect dogs; hardly anyone wants to adopt a dog with problems to solve.

Lucky 3

Until one day … someone came to the shelter and loved Lucky. And was ready to invest in him. Maybe it was Lucky’s eyes, so pleading and so loving. His adopter engaged a trainer to follow classes. Then her life changed, and she got a job in Germany. But contrary to what many people do, she did not return him to the shelter because she was moving to another country. She made arrangements to take him with her and she continued with his classes in Germany.

Now she can take Lucky to work, and he turned himself into an office mascot. Everyone loves him. And even with other dogs, he is not so difficult anymore. He still walks wobbly on his atrophied back legs, but he does not mind. He is happy and loved and he gives lots of love back.

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