Loulé’s famous Carnaval goes digital due to pandemic

In a ‘normal’ year, Loulé would be gearing up to host another edition of its famous Carnaval celebrations, considered by many to be one of the best in Portugal.

But due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the council has decided to organise a few online events instead of cancelling the festivities altogether.

Between Sunday and Tuesday (February 14-16), a digital exhibition including photos of Carnaval celebrations dating back 100 years will be available on the council’s Facebook and YouTube pages.

A virtual ‘baile de Carnaval’ (traditional Carnaval party) will also be streamed via the council’s Facebook page from 9.30pm onwards, featuring a performance by Orquestra Fora d’Horas.

Some of the town centre’s streets will also be brought to life with Carnaval decorations in order to bring a bit of the Carnaval spirit to the local population.

“We are living difficult times due to a pandemic that is affecting millions of families around the world. It would be impossible to organise a Carnaval like we know it, with crowds and enthusiastic interaction between revellers,” said the council in a statement.

“But we are aware of the importance of these festivities for the people of Loulé and we could not let the occasion pass without taking a little of the spirit of Loulé’s Carnaval to all those who are in lockdown,” it added.