Loulé wildfire brought under control

Civil protection authorities confirmed that the wildfire that broke out yesterday near Amendoeira (Loulé) was brought under control at 7.35pm.

The fire raged for around six hours, forcing authorities to evacuate 53 people from their homes.

However, the flames did not cause any damage to their properties, a source from the regional district command of rescue operations (CDOS) told Lusa.

The blaze posed several difficulties to firefighters.

“The fire is raging in an area which is inaccessible because there are many large stones,” a CDOS source said at the time.

Around 234 firefighters were tackling the blaze when it was finally brought under control, aided by 82 vehicles. One firefighter suffered a minor injury.

Firefighters will continue to monitor the area to ensure the blaze does not flare up again.

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