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Loulé turns 18th century palace into “creative hub”

Renovations to transform an 18th century palace in Loulé into a “creative hub” are already underway.

The €1.3 million project, expected to take 18 months, was launched last week (Wednesday, January 4).

Palácio Gama Lobos – more commonly known as Palácios dos Espanhóis – was used as a sanctuary for refugees during the Spanish Civil War.

It is divided into two areas – the original ‘Pombaline’ palace from the 18th century which will receive the bulk of renovation work; and another area built at the beginning of the 20th century where sporting activities are held.

Loulé council says the work will involve two floors of the palace – a total area of 1,557sqm.

No major physical changes are planned, except for the “introduction of some architectural and artistic innovations”.

The council adds that “ecological techniques and materials” will be used throughout.

Once ready, the building will serve as a “creative hub”, offering spaces for local artists and also serving as a venue for cultural events.

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