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Loulé top campaign

LOULÉ CÂMARA is asking people to save all their plastic bottle tops and deliver them to any of the facilities involved in the rubbish collecting and recycling process.

Bottle tops may be delivered to the Divisão de Ambiente e Desenvolvimento Sustentável, the Câmara’s environment department based at the Loulé main bus terminal.

Other Algarve câmaras are participating in the campaign and the bottle tops that are collected are being sent to the Algar sanitary landfills and selective collection plants in Albufeira and Quarteira.

The bottle tops campaign began in 2003 and is officially being organised by the charity association, Associação Tampa Amiga. In 2006, it raised a total of 17,358 euros after collecting 29 tonnes of bottle tops.

Also during last year, Loulé Câmara collected 14,440 tonnes of bottle tops and from January to August 2007, the Loulé campaign collected a total of 4,080 tonnes.

Funds raised by the campaign are used to buy orthopaedic equipment including wheelchairs and medical beds, which are distributed to people with financial difficulties and struggling charity associations.

For more details on the bottle top campaign visit: http://www.tampinhas.org/index.php?option=com_wrapper&view=wrapper&Itemid=58. This page is in Portuguese.