Loulé tackles housing crisis with 64 new houses

Loulé tackles housing crisis with 64 new houses

Construction will cost €12 million

Loulé Council is moving forward with the construction of an apartment block with 64  houses in the Clona development near the borough’s famous rock salt mine.

Construction, which is set to begin soon, has been awarded to Ferreira – Construção, SA, at a cost of around €12 million.

Considered a significant milestone and the “first big project” of the borough’s local housing strategy, the initiative aims to tackle the housing crisis on a local level by providing more living options for those most in need, including young adults, families and people struggling to afford the high market prices.

The council says it has applied to see 30 of the units funded by the Plano de Recuperação e Resiliência (PRR) fund, the so-called European ‘bazooka’.

“The Municipality of Loulé has taken another important step to respond to what is one of the most prominent necessities of the population: housing,” the local authority says in a statement to the press.

By Michael Bruxo

[email protected]