Loulé shepherd loses 23 animals in dog attack

A SHEPHERD from Loulé found the carcasses of 23 of his animals, which appeared to have been the victims of a savage attack by a pack of dogs.  

The attack, which took place in the early hours of Friday morning  (February 17 )in Sobradinho de Alfeição, Loulé, was the second in the space of two months. The loss of 22 sheep and a ram means damages of around 1,700 euros for shepherd Mário da Ponte.

A further 13 animals were wounded in the attack that the shepherd believes was perpetrated by a pack of stray dogs being fed by his Welsh neighbour.

“I woke up at about 6am with the sound of dogs barking. I immediately got up to see what was happening,” Mário said. However, it was only later that morning that Mário discovered his escaped flock. “Some were dead and others badly injured, suffering from bite wounds. I found them in an abandoned house near here where they sometimes sleep. I don’t know who is going to pay for these dead animals,” said the shepherd, who has already filed a complaint with Loulé GNR.

Apparently, a patrol car was sent to the area in order to identify the owner of the neighbouring house where Mário guarantees the dogs can be found. However, the Welshman, who houses half a dozen dogs as well as around 34 cats, has denied all knowledge of the attack. “This is the first time that I have heard anything about this incident. I know that these dogs were not responsible, even though they are not actually mine.” He also took the opportunity to point out the fact that, there are at least 50 abandoned dogs in the village. Although answering questions, the 50-year-old Welshman asked to remain anonymous.