Loulé residents set up water “blockade” as war with Infralobo intensifies

Despite having water regulatory authority ERSAR on their side, Vale do Lobo residents in Vilas Alvas/Vale do Garrão and Quinta Jacinta remain threatened by cuts to their water supplies by services company Infralobo which is loading “an exorbitant bedroom tax” on monthly water bills. This week, the residents took to setting up a “water blockade”, parking their cars in front of water meters, so Infralobo officials could not cut them off.

It was the latest offensive in an ugly war that has been ongoing since last year, and which unites at least 20 households determined not to pay what their owners claim are “utterly preposterous charges”.

The households continue to pay for their water usage, but are deducting from monthly payments Infralobo’s arbitrarily applied bedroom tax.

With processes already lodged in court and howls of administrative corruption and nepotism in the air, the Resident hopes to bring the full story next week.

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