Loulé receives National Council of Future Award

news: Loulé receives National Council of Future Award

PRESIDENT OF Loulé Câmara, Seruca Emídio, was expected to receive the National Council of the Future Award at a ceremony yesterday (September 15) in Coimbra, at the Associação Nacional de Municípios Portugueses, the national association of Portugal’s câmaras.

Loulé won this award after being judged among a considerable number of câmaras, within a ranking that includes the majority of the country’s councils. The award aims to recognise those câmaras that have made the most investment for the wellbeing and progression of the respective councils in areas such as culture, education and the environment.

With regard to the environment, the criterion involved issues such as waste management, protection of soil and underground water resources and defence of the natural landscape. Other criterion used by the judges were the investments made relating to sport, theatre, music and cultural heritage, among others.

The trophy itself is an exclusive piece made by the famous architect José Pulido Valente. At the prize giving ceremony, a book was due to be launched, entitled Municípios do Futuro, which includes an analysis of the 120 councils that took part in the contest and which will be available throughout the country.