Loulé raises awareness about flood risks

Loulé raises awareness about flood risks

First heavy rainfall of the hydrological year can lead to floods

Civil protection services in Loulé have been hard at work raising awareness about the risks of floods in the municipality.

The initiative was carried out with the help of the local firefighters in in areas that are “particularly susceptible” to flooding, such as the parishes of São Clemente, São Sebastião, Boliqueime, Almancil, and Quarteira.

The goal was to “establish direct contact with the population by distributing brochures and posters about preventive behaviours and self-protection.”

Cleaning and unblocking drains and drainage channels in yards, balconies, basements, and garages; checking pumping systems; cleaning gutters and downspouts; and properly securing loose structures, including scaffolding, billboards, and other suspended structures are among the measures recommended by the local civil protection team. Special care is also advised near trees due to the possibility of falling branches  when it is particularly windy.

Municipal technicians and firefighters also provided advice on what to do before, during and after a flood, having emphasised the importance of paying attention to meteorological warnings and having insurance that covers these occurrences.

As Loulé Council points out, October marks the beginning of the hydrological year and is when the rainiest period of the year typically begins, “although 2023 has been particularly dry with very little rain”.

“At the start of the hydrological year, the population should adopt preventive measures for the effects of the first heavy rainfall, often accompanied by strong wind gusts and increased maritime agitation. The first autumn rains are generally responsible for washing away and concentrating solid waste in unsuitable locations (gutters, drains, ditches), leading to the accumulation of rainwater that could cause road closures or even flooding on the lower floors of buildings,” the council adds.

Just yesterday, downtown Faro was affected by floods due to a quick bout of heavy rain.

By Michael Bruxo

[email protected]