Loulé property tax controversy

TAX ON the purchase of property in Portugal, formerly called SISA but now known as Imposto Municipal Imóveis (IMI), is to remain the same as last year in Loulé’s urban areas, according to Câmara President, Seruca Emídio.

Also, in an exceptional move, there will be a 30 per cent reduction on IMI for the inland towns of Ameixal, Alte, Quereça, Benafim, Tôr and Salir.

Socialist MP and former Loulé Câmara President, Vitor Aleixo, was not in favour of the motion though, saying that “there is no technical justification for the proposal and I don’t see why the urban areas are being treated differently from the interior.” For this reason, we will neither be voting for or against, but will be abstaining on this issue.”