Loulé present new tourism projects

By PAULO SILVESTRE [email protected]

Loulé Municipality celebrated World Tourism Day on September 27 with a series of actions to promote tourism in the region so that this important sector in the Algarve “may gain a new direction and attract new markets”.

The programme of celebrations started in Vilamoura at the Hotel Tivoli Victoria, where various products and producers from Loulé council and from the rest of the Algarve were presented.

A new project was launched aimed at ensuring that in the future, Algarvean products will be introduced on the daily breakfast menu at hotels and other types of accommodation in the region.

Orange juice, carob bread, almond cake, sausages and sweets were some of the delicacies that guests of the Hotel Tivoli Victoria tasted during the event.

With this initiative, Loulé Municipality intends to give tourists an offering that can contribute to the improvement of the Algarve as a tourist destination and at the same time promote regional products.

Loulé Mayor Secura Emídio said: “We have excellent quality products, which differentiate us from the rest of Europe and the rest of the world. We need to promote these products in the tourism sector.”

Seruca Emidio warned of the necessity for a joint effort among all the entities involved in tourism, including municipalities, hoteliers and producers.

Meanwhile, the celebrations moved from the coast to the interior. The typical Algarve village of Ameixial was the other venue chosen to celebrate World Tourism Day.

Loulé Municipality inaugurated new paths in the area, which are expected to attract more tourists.

Nature lovers have five new different routes – Revezes, Azinhal dos Mouros, Ameixial and Corte de Ouro – and a link to the village of Barranco do Velho and Via Algarviana plus a bike trail.

Nature tourism

The connection to Via Algarviana will allow tourists to make the journey to Ameixial and enjoy the environmental heritage and historical legacies that exist in this area, which include the Pedra do Alagar and Beringel areas, the mills and typical Algarvean houses.

“This tourism product is a concept that exists already in the countries of northern and central Europe,” said Seruca Emidio.

Nature tourism has grown 20% in Europe in recent years and Loulé Municipality wants to follow this trend.

Also inaugurated was a new parking and service station for motorhomers, with 10 parking spaces.

Seruca Emídio considered that this new area will attract more tourists to visit Ameixial village.

“These two initiatives, the walk paths and the park for motorhome vehicles, are set for a type of tourist who likes contact with nature and wants to discover the local culture.

“It is for people who enjoy quiet environments, traditions, culture and habits of the region.”

At a time when motorhoming is seen as a lifestyle choice and not because of financial reasons, Seruca Emídio believes that Ameixial will return to its “glorious times in the transport sector during the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s”.

The celebrations ended with a lecture about sustainable tourism adapted to local markets.

As part of this, Portuguese bartender Pedro Rodrigo created several original cocktails, prepared with typical regional products, which were enjoyed by guests.