Loulé opens shelter for the homeless and needy

news: Loulé opens shelter for the homeless and needy

In recognition of the 25th anniversary of the town, Loulé has opened a temporary shelter for people in need, and also introduced an online social services portal to integrate and strengthen communication between the public and the various entities involved in social work in the community.

The building will accommodate people in emergency situations resulting, for example, from domestic disputes or victims left homeless because of house fires or flooding.

Teresa Menalha, leader of the project, stressed that the shelter, located on the outskirts of the town, provides the first line of assistance for those people such as families or part families sufferingfrom parental negligence or left without anywhere to live.

The shelter will also serve as a “bridge” to a permanent solution for those requiring help as agreements with other social action entities are also being established.

The building being used for the shelter has a sizeable vegetable garden created by two unemployed people, where produce can be grown and distributed to families or individuals in need.

The local mayor Seruca Emídio praised the “exemplary work” of the social services and said: “This is a time of the utmost need for social care. It is a growing concern and the municipality must continue to find solutions.”

Teresa Menalha said the online social services portal, to be operational by February 19, will be an invaluable technological aid for harmonising the different entities dedicated to helping others and help to disseminate important information, as well as provide a useful means of contact with the public.