Loulé OAP card

LOULÉ COUNCIL is preparing to launch the Cartão Municipal Sénior, a discount card for Loulé residents who are over 60 years old. The scheme is currently being finalised and due for launch in December, pending the relevant legislation being put in place.

The initiative aims to provide discounts across a range of utilities and services, and will be available to those people on and below the basic national level of income. The Resident contacted Loulé Câmara and a spokesman confirmed that the card will also be made available to foreign residents who meet the necessary criteria.

Card holders are likely to be offered a 25 per cent discount on public transport, complimentary refuse collection, up to four cubic litres of water free per month and free access to cultural and leisure centres that are owned by the câmara. The Resident has also learned that several shops and services are also intending to offer discounts under the scheme.

Upon its launch, applications for the card can be made at the Divisão de Acção Social da Câmara Municipal de Loulé, or at the borough’s Juntas de Freguesia. Applicants will be asked to submit proof of residency, two passport photographs, their número de contribuinte (Portuguese tax number), pension details and declaration of income from the tax office. The discount card will be valid for one year.