Loulé Mayor admits Algarve “not prepared” for downpours following Monday’s floods

In the wake of Monday’s serious floods across the Algarve (click here), Loulé Mayor Vítor Aleixo has admitted that the region is not prepared for major downpours.

“This is a phenomenon that is a clear result of climate change – something that is being felt all over the world,” he said in a communiqué sent out to newsrooms.

Aleixo added that the borough’s roadsides, ditches and gutters are cleaned every year to avoid floods but that the problem is structural.

“Infrastructure was not planned or built to withstand downpours of this kind,” he admitted.

“This is a factor that we will have to take into account more and more when planning and building in our country, because the climate has changed and weather phenomena will become more frequent,” the mayor said.

Around 110 occurrences were registered in Loulé alone. The town’s industrial area was completely flooded, which caused damage to several businesses and vehicles.

Videos posted online also showed how certain areas of Loulé were completely overwhelmed by the downpour, such as a local car wash which was ‘invaded’ by a strong and steady stream of water.

Further east, a family of five living in Alfandega (Olhão) had to be rehomed after their home was damaged by flooding.

Another man in Olhão had to be taken to hospital after sustaining minor injuries when the false ceiling of his house collapsed as a result of the weather.

Meanwhile in Alcantarilha (Silves), seven cars were damaged when a wall collapsed onto them due to the rushing water.

A section of the EN125 road in the Loulé area was also cut off for some time due to the downpour.
Click on link to see a video posted on Facebook this morning by Luís Silva

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