Loulé Municipal Park

Loulé marks International Youth Day with awareness campaigns and entertainment for youngsters

Healthy eating and the impact of social networks on young people are two themes the Municipality will highlight.

This Friday, to mark International Youth Day, Loulé’s Municipal Park will host a number of cultural, recreational and sporting events for youngsters of all ages.

Theatre, poetry, creative writing, dance, martial arts, and various sports are just a few of the activities that make up the day’s lineup.

Children between the ages of six and twelve will participate in the municipal «Holidays for All» programme from 10:00 am till 16:00. Youngsters between the ages of 15 and 29 will be entertained between 21:00 and 00:00.

The Municipality of Loulé will also share projects directly linked to young people, raising awareness on matters of special importance to the younger generations, such as climate change and environmental sustainability, civil protection and food responsibility.

One of the day’s main themes will be how social networks impact young people’s lives in an increasingly digital world where new technologies prevail.

Healthy eating habits will be promoted with the «Marmitando» and «Prato Certo» workshops, teaching young people about healthy foods, their benefits and preparation.

Citizenship activities directed at the younger community will also take place on this day to mobilise young people to actively participate in issues on the Municipality’s agenda, which will be decisive for their future.

By Alexandra Stilwell