Loulé man caught with 14,000 euros worth of drugs

THE DRUG crimes unit of Faro GNR arrested a 36-year-old man of Cape Verdean origin in Loulé for possession of heroin and cocaine with a street value of around 14,000 euros.

The operation, which also involved the criminal investigation department of Loulé GNR, resulted in the confiscation of various utensils used to prepare illegal drugs for sale, as well as mobile phones, gold items, firearms and around 1,500 euros in cash, presumably the proceeds from the sale of drugs. The man had already been identified by Almancil GNR in May of this year, when he was found to be carrying an illegal weapon.

During the operation that involved a series of investigations over a period of six months, the suspect was observed by around a dozen individuals posing as drug users. The case will be heard at the court of Loulé.