Loulé launches website to keep citizens informed about coronavirus pandemic

Loulé Council has launched a website providing information about the coronavirus pandemic.

The website – covid19.cm-loule.pt – also includes a number of recommendations encouraging citizens to adopt a preventive attitude towards this outbreak.

The ultimate goal is to keep locals updated on all the latest news about the pandemic, including the measures implemented by the local council and the latest recommendations from health authorities and the government.

The website, for now, is only available in Portuguese.

“An informed community is a prudent community,” said Loulé Mayor Vítor Aleixo, adding that it is especially important during these times to keep citizens informed about the latest developments.

Other initiatives launched by the council include the creation of a “social support line”, a social cafeteria set up in a school in Quarteira and the disinfection of local streets and public areas.

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