Loulé landfill at bursting point

Algar, the Algarve’s solid waste disposal company, is urging Loulé to authorise the expansion of the borough’s landfill which it says is “at bursting point”.

The company wants the expansion deemed of “municipal interest” but councillors are dragging their heels, says Público – principally because the landfill is on land designated as national ecological reserve (REN).

Says the paper, the council fears any kind of expansion would have too great an environmental impact.

The issue is further clouded by Loulé’s irritation at receiving “waste that the coast does not want to have around”, and feelings generally that Algar is not doing a good job.

Explains Público, “promises of compensation have gone unfulfilled”, with access roads to the site being hammered by the constant flow of heavy vehicles.

Added to these ‘local issues’ is the fact that complaints about Algar’s service are a constant throughout the Algarve, the paper adds.

A vote on whether or not to approve the landfill extension has been delayed, while mayors throughout the region agree this situation cannot continue.

Público stresses that one way round the problem is to ‘reduce the area’s REN classification’ in the next municipal plan, but feeling is that such important decisions should not be left to councils without support from central government.