Breast Cancer

Loulé Hospital marks World Breast Cancer Day

Hospital presents Breast Unit and promotes Pink Talk on World Breast Cancer Day.

To mark World Breast Cancer Day today, Loulé Hospital is organising a Pink Talk and presenting its Multidisciplinary Breast Cancer Consultation to the public in its Breast Unit at the Gama Lobo Palace at 19:00.

The initiative, which is open to the public, intends to be “a moment to clarify doubts, seeing the individual holistically and not just as a patient”, explains Loulé Hospital. To this end, several specialist doctors will be part of this new team.

According to Raquel Dionísio, responsible for the oncology unit at Loulé Hospital, the Pink Talk is expected to be a relaxed interaction with clinicians, where prevention, diagnosis, and clinical remission will be discussed in an open and frank conversation about what breast cancer is.

Without scripts or slides, “it will be a conversation with us and with those who want to participate, ask questions and clear doubts”, said the doctor.

Since Pink October is when this theme is celebrated, the objective is to carry out this initiative “with the population to talk about prevention, self-examination and diagnosis. Basically, reaching out to people and enlightening them”, she also pointed out.

On this occasion, the Multidisciplinary Breast Cancer Consultation – Breast Unit will also be presented, introducing the clinicians who are part of the team in a conversation that, according to the specialist, “makes everything more personal”.

This clinical approach will bring together several specialities (senology, oncology, plastic surgery, imaging, pathological anatomy, psychology, nutrition and physiotherapy) to “define the patient’s therapeutic approach together”, explained the doctor.

“We discuss the individual case, and all decisions are made together. It is an asset for the patient, who is treated by a multidisciplinary team, and for us doctors, who share knowledge and other points of view”, concludes Raquel Dionísio.