Loulé hopes for airfield

THE PRESIDENT of Loulé Câmara wants the city to have an aerodrome for small planes to use, chartering private flights. Seruca Emídio, who has the backing of ANA – Aeroportos de Portugal, hopes that it will boost high quality tourism in the area.

The Câmara has criticised the government over its delay in authorising the proposal, but guaranteed that there are suitable conditions to carry out the work on land next to Cimpor. “An agreement has been made in order for the construction of the aerodrome to receive support from Vilamoura XXI, the 750 million euro investment plan guaranteed for Vilamoura. Furthermore, ANA and Faro airport have approved the plan as the Algarve is currently not geared to receive private planes,” revealed a spokesperson from ANA.

Correia Mendes, director of Faro airport, backs the argument put forward by ANA, agreeing that the Algarve “is only really equipped to receive large planes. For light aircraft, landing at Alvor’s airfield is currently the only alternative to Faro.”

Seruca Emídio recently inaugurated the Avenida Parque das Cidades, taking the opportunity to announce that the road surrounding the Algarve Stadium would be expanded to three lanes. He also confirmed that work will soon begin to connect Loulé to Duas Sentinelas, a development that will do away with the Quatro Estradas crossroads within 18 months.