Loulé heliport expansion

Plans to expand and re-model the existing municipal heliport in Loulé have been approved by Loulé Câmara.

José Faísca, the Commandant of the Loulé municipal Bombeiros, said: “The intention is to create conditions to enable Loulé to have a constant airborne presence for operations, protection and relief.”

A new building is to be constructed to house the helicopter support crew. The emergency medical service team will also be present 24 hours a day.

“The new facilities for crew are essential as they have to be constantly available and need a space to be able to rest. These updates will allow crew to be housed in decent facilities and be better able to respond,” added José Faísca.

The works are to be undertaken by Loulé Câmara and the Ministry of Internal Affairs in support of the civil protection service aviation sector, and represents an investment of around 800,000 Euros.