Loulé floorball team seeks players for university world cup

Loulé Linces, the Algarve’s first floorball team, is seeking university students and graduates to join Portugal’s national team and compete in the Floorball World University Championship, to be held in Porto in July 2016.

The goal is to train “potential players” as fast as possible and make them fit for a chance to be selected by the national team.

So far, the ‘Linces’ have “at least three players” who tick all the boxes.

The Loulé-based team is also open to players of all ages and sexes who are merely interested in having fun and learning a new sport.

For those unfamiliar with the sport, floorball is a type of hockey with teams of six players (including a goalkeeper). It is played with plastic hockey-like sticks and a 72 millimeter plastic ball with holes. The goal is to score points by striking the ball into the other team’s goal.

The sport developed in the 1960s and 70s in Sweden and has gained popularity in Eastern European and Scandinavia.

Contact the Loulé Linces for more information by email [email protected] or find them on Facebook: Floorball Portugal Loulé Linces