Loulé finds green solution for abandoned cars

LOULÉ CÂMARA has signed a contract with a specialist company to deal with abandoned cars in the borough. Valorcar is licensed by the government to provide an environmentally friendly solution for the disposal of cars at the end of their lives.

Over the years, the council has come up against various difficulties with regard to the collection and destination of vehicles that have been abandoned or illegally parked. A set of strict legal requirements must be adhered to, delaying the process of removing dumped cars, which clog up roads and public car parks for some time. New legislation also states that cars cannot be destroyed by the council but only by a specialist company, which is licensed for the work.

From now onwards, the council will only be responsible for the first part of the process: the collection of vehicles, their deposit, notification of owners and contact with the relevant authorities, namely the Direcção Geral de Viação. Valorcar will be responsible for everything that concerns the disposal of the vehicles, and any pollutant materials will be dealt with by specialist companies.

Loulé Câmara collects around 200 abandoned cars on a yearly basis. Now, with the new system in place, it is hoped that the process will be speeded up, contributing to a better image in the borough.