Loulé fights fires with funds

Loulé Câmara has set aside 35,000 euros to be given to three associations in order to create awareness about forest fires and the environment in the Algarve.

The Associação de Produtores Florestais da Serra do Caldeirão will receive 12,500 euros to be used to create awareness of fire prevention.

In Loco, a group concerned with the growth and development of the inland areas of the Algarve, will receive 7,800 euros to fund an awareness programme about the measures and precautions that local residents should be taking, in order to protect the environment and prevent fires.

The Associação Almargem, an association to protect the cultural and environmental heritage of the region, will be given 5,000 euros to be channelled into a project called “Conhecer as Árvores Monumentais do Concelho de Loulé” (knowing the monumental trees of Loulé council).