Loulé enlists taxi drivers to deliver food during lockdown

Loulé Council has reached a deal with the municipality’s taxi drivers to provide free food delivery services during the ongoing lockdown.

Says the council, the initiative, entitled ‘Do Restaurante à Janela do Taxi’ (From the Restaurant to the Taxi Window), aims to support the local economy as well as give citizens the chance to enjoy meals from their favourite restaurants without leaving their home.

As the council points out, taxi companies and restaurants in Loulé (just like everywhere else) are going through a “very difficult time due to the lack of tourist activity and the State of Emergency”.

Hopes are that this new service can provide some oxygen to businesses which are being ‘strangled’ by the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Loulé Council will be covering the costs of delivery for orders priced at €10 or more, meaning neither the restaurant nor the client will have to incur delivery expenses.

The full list of restaurants that have joined the initiative can be found online at Those that have not yet joined can do so by contacting the local council.

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