Loulé County Court

Dear Editor,

Thanks for a great newspaper. I wonder if you would consider starting a debate on the following – Loulé County Court.

The Portuguese government is constantly promoting the ‘Golden Visa’ for foreign nationals who invest in Portugal and claim their government departments speak numerous languages.

I recently had to have some documentation authenticated at the Loulé County Court for my property. Due to Covid-19, one has to make an appointment, so I called to make an appointment, got through after numerous attempts; however, this was impossible as I did not speak Portuguese and I understood, unless I spoke Portuguese, they could not help me.

So much for a country that is opening their doors to foreign nationals! I do love Portugal, the people and way of life, but the civil service needs to align to what their government is promoting for Portugal. I am still trying to make an appointment!

Gavin Tilston