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Loulé Council cancels septic tank (fossa) emptying service

Loulé Council has cancelled its municipal septic tank (fossa) emptying service until further notice due to the coronavirus outbreak, which has forced the local authority into a regime of “essential services only”.

Several homeowners in the borough rely on this service as they live in countryside areas which are not linked to the public sewage network.

The Resident was alerted to the situation by a concerned citizen affected by the decision who described it as “an appalling situation as it will not take long before the Algarve starts to stink like an open sewer, not to mention the accompanying additional health risks which the citizenry can ill afford at this time”.

However, in a written response to the Resident, the council said that it is “putting its efforts into applying measures to control the contagion of the novel coronavirus (Covid-19)”.

“Although septic tank emptying is an important service, it can be carried out by the private companies that exist in the municipality,” it added.

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