Loulé chocolate fair bigger than ever

Loulé’s chocolate fair, the event that chocolate lovers all over the Algarve have been waiting for, will be held at the municipal market between February 9 and 17 and will be “bigger than ever”.

Due to the popularity of the event over the years, for the first time it will be held inside and outside the market building, as a larger area to accommodate exhibitors became necessary.

Over 20 exhibitors will take part this year, showcasing their most impressive chocolate creations. There will be sweets, cakes, crepes, waffles, fondue, ‘ginginha’ cherry liquour and many other mouth-watering treats, all made with “a lot of creativity by those who work with this ingredient”.

But the event is not just about the joy that chocolate brings to our taste buds. It also aims to showcase the different varieties of chocolates, their nutritional values, culinary versatility and even how chocolate can be used in the aesthetics industry.

Students from Loulé’s Francisco Rosado Music Conservatory will be providing the musical entertainment at the fair.

Loulé’s chocolate fair is free to attend and can be visited between 9am and 8pm from Monday to Saturday and between 2pm and 8pm on Sunday.