Loulé candidate seeks investors

Social Democrat (PSD) Hélder Martins has officially announced his candidacy for the office of Mayor of Loulé.

During an event that brought together around 1,500 people at the municipal pavilion of Loulé, the politician vowed to attract more investors to the municipality, thanks to his many years’ experience in the tourism industry.

Hélder Martins, who is General Manager of Quinta da Ombria, a tourism resortin the municipality of Loulé, said that his professional experience in the tourism sector will prove advantageous if he becomes LouléMayor.

Hélder Martins said in his speech that, if he wins, he will not be taking office for “a six-month period”, in response to those who had been “questioning his competence or commitment to the role”.

“It will be a four-year contract, renewable for two more mandates should the people vote for me,” he said, asking guests simultaneously to convince 10 further people to vote for him so that he could obtain “the best ever results in Loulé”.

“All the things I know in life I have learnt from experience. I was born in Querença, located north of Loulé, and currently live in Quarteira. There is no place in the municipality that I do not know.

“Furthermore, I have worked in the public and private sectors so I know how both work,” “he said.

At the dinner event, Hélder Martins was joined by former president of the PSD party Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, a reputed political commentator on TVi channel, and Seruca Emídio, the current mayor of Loulé, who has agreed to participate in Martins’ electoral campaign.