Loulé Câmara supports green education programme

AN AMOUNT of 3,000 euros has been donated by Loulé Câmara to help fund a young volunteers programme – Programa Voluntariado Jovem para as Florestas – organised by Almargem Associação de Defesa do Património Cultural e Ambiental do Algarve, the environmental protection association of the Algarve.

Almargem is a regional association, with its head office in Loulé, that regularly organises environmental education activities in various areas, mainly relating to the protection of forests. Over the years, Almargem has been leading a campaign to make school children aware of the importance of forests and woodland, and their environmental value.

Between 1996 and 1999, Almargem promoted Projecto Florestar, which comprised of summer camps for young people in various forests. The activities at the camps involved the cleaning of brush land, patrols, setting up and maintenance of tracks, repair of protective equipment, visitor support, and the production of literature and posters to highlight the measures the local population should take to help prevent forest fires.

This year, through the volunteers programme, Almargem intends to reinforce awareness and training, with regard to the prevention of fires and vigilance in forests and woodland areas, during the high risk summer months.

Loulé’s Serra do Caldeirão will receive special attention during the campaign and the young volunteers will be taught about fire prevention techniques and the conditions that put an area at risk.