Loulé Câmara improves roads


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LOULÉ CÂMARA has put a project out to public tender for the renovation of several stretches of road in the council, representing an estimated total investment of more than 1.6 million euros.

A nine month project to repave a stretch of the EM540 also called the Estrada do Ludo in the parish of Almancil is estimated to cost one million euros.

A stretch of road in São Sebastião, near the Quatro Estradas junction and Cabeça de Câmara, which suffered weather damage is due to be repaired within a two month timeframe, at a cost of 130,000 euros.

Also in São Sebastião, the CM1191 road in Paragil will also be undergoing repairs, lasting around five months, as well as the enlargement of the VNC 324, between Soalheira and Varjota, lasting two months, at an estimated cost of 362,000 euros. A track, Pé de Coelho, in Zambujal, in the parish of Salir will also be repaved, at a cost of 41,000 euros.

The CM 1091 road in Alte will also be receiving protective metal barriers, estimated to cost 36,000 euros while part of the main avenue in Loulé; Avenida Francisco Sá Carneiro will be receiving public lighting, at an estimated cost of 100,000 euros.